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Centenarian Club

March 25, 2018

The Harvard Medical School suggests that feeling young at heart may indeed contribute to living longer. They say that feeling younger may inspire a sense of resiliency by challenging yourself daily and by maintaining a sense of meaningfulness.

Centenarians – people that have reached an age of 100 years of age – have plenty of wisdom to share about staying young. Even though there are certain secrets for reaching this milestone, there are, to be sure, some unique pieces of advice as well. Recently at Oak Ridges Retirement Community, we had 3 residents celebrate birthdays over 100. Alma Marie turned 100 and Aisha and Viola all turned 102.

These ladies never believe you are “too old” for anything.

Alma Maria says she set the tone for her life by working hard and not smoking. Alma Marie was a head nurse for over 25 years at a hospital and still maintains a close friendship from those days. She values those meaningful connections that reflect her achievements in life. She is a gentle soul who is quick witted and an avid card player with fantastic Euchre and Bridge skills. She is a genuine friend to all and highly esteemed for this gift.

Aisha was born in Egypt and also thoroughly enjoys her social times. Aisha fluently speaks English, French and Arabic and still writes beautifully in Arabic. She is incredibly independent and has a vibrant light that shines from within her. We often see her visiting over coffee time in the Bistro. She absolutely enjoys the entertainment that visits Oak Ridges. She is a treasure to our community.

Viola stays very social with friends in the community, reminiscing over her world travels. She was a farm girl who traveled to over 50 countries throughout her life, embracing all of the outstanding learning from her travels. Some of her visited destinations include Bolivia, Israel, India, Peru, Alaska, Argentina and too many more to list here. Viola maintains that her favourite country is Canada. She has a mischievous sense of humour and is truly respected by all members of our community for her determination and independence.

These ladies share a wonderful sense of humour, a deep sense of friendships and connections with the community. They are loved and honuored for their contributions to Oak Ridges Retirement Community and their social circles at large.

These exceptional Centenarians have taught us that the key to living a vibrant life as you age may be tied in with the vitality that you have while living your entire life.

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